Create a unique and personal piece of furniture to commemorate a special event or pay tribute

Engraved Brass Plaque

Traditional engraved brass plaques

Leave a lasting message with an engraved brass plaque, ideal for commemorating a loved one or celebrating a special milestone.

Carved Inscription in Teak

Intricately Carved Inscriptions

Our master craftsmen will intricately hand-carve beautiful wording and inspirational messages onto your bench or chair to create a stunning piece.

Wood Carving

Mesmerising Motifs

For a truly stunning item, why not add a motif - this can be as simple as a love heart or as complex as a team crest or company logo.

Browse Our Engraving Gallery and Be Inspired!

To serve as inspiration to you, we’ve rounded up a selection of our past carved inscriptions and brass engravings. Browse through the gallery for examples of wording, styling and placement.

Carved Lazy Susan

Beautiful Bespoke Presents

If you’re looking for a personalised gift then why not consider a Lazy Susan. This can be engraved with a message or simply the recipient’s name to create a thoughtful present for those that enjoy entertaining.

Coronation Bench

Commemorative Benches

Pay tribute to a major milestone with our range of King Charles III Coronation teak park benches and engraved brass plaques. Specially designed to celebrate and commemorate this momentous occasion.

Carved Planter

Gift Ideas for Avid Gardeners

Our teak garden planters can also be carved with an inscription, offering a wonderful gift option for keen gardeners - these would also create a superb look when placed at your home’s entryway.

Personalise your plaque with a motif

Why not go the extra mile and add a motif or logo to your engraved plaque. This service is available only upon request and will reduce the amount of words you can fit onto the plaque so we recommend the larger plaques for this purpose.

We have a variety of simple images that can be added to the plaque, for anything bespoke, such as a company logo, please send us the image and we will see what we can do!

engraved icons

What should I write on a memorial bench

An engraved memorial plaque is a wonderful way to leave a lasting message. Whether you’re looking for the right words to congratulate a colleague on retirement, celebrate a milestone anniversary or commemorate a lost loved one, we know that finding the perfect words can be an overwhelming task.

To give you a helping hand, we’ve selected wording from past plaques to serve as some inspiration to you.

If you would like to talk through ideas for your plaque please feel free to give our friendly sales team a call on 020 8655 6240 and they will be happy to use their vast experience to advise and proof-read any messages before you finalise your order.

Congratulatory Wording Examples

  • In Celebration of Jane & John’s
    Married 3rd March 1979


    Presented to John Smith
    To Celebrate His
    50th Year as a Member of
    Smith’s Golf Club


    With grateful thanks to
    Dr Jane Smith
    For 33 years of service at Smith’s Medical Centre


    Congratulations on your Wedding
    28th April 2019

With Sympathy Wording Examples

  • In Loving Memory of
    1st Jan 1901 - 31st Dec 1999


    In Memory of
    Jane Smith
    01.01.1901 - 31.12.1999
    We love and miss you


    Grandad John’s best seat in the garden
    Gone but never forgotten
    01/01/01 - 31/12/99


    Dedicated to
    Loving Parents and Grandparents

How to Organise a Commemorative Bench

  • Simply choose a teak garden bench or chair from our range, there will be an option to add a carving or engraved plaque, which you can customise using the preview. We will deliver your unique memorial seat fully assembled. If required for a public location we would recommend using ground anchors to ensure your seat is safe and secure.