What are the different teak grades? Teak grading explained...

The quality of teak wood is determined by three different grades – A, B and C. Each can be distinguished by its appearance and oil content. The highest quality teak can be left outside untreated and remain strong and beautiful for decades, whereas lower grades will have shorter lifespans, even if they are treated.

Grade A teak is the best quality teak wood, taken from the heart of the tree (heartwood). Grade A teak has an even, honey colour, close grains and a glossy sheen. It’s naturally high in oils to protect itself from the most inclement weather conditions, rotting and pests. Grade A teak is considered the best choice for outdoor furniture as it is uniform in finish, colour, and hardness.

Grade B teak is taken from the outer heartwood section. It’s lighter in colour compared to grade A teak, has an uneven grain and less shine where it contains slightly less natural oils than A grade teak. Grade B teak still makes great garden furniture, the main difference being more colour variation and knots, etc. and it will be less resilient than grade A furniture as it has less natural oils.

Grade C teak is of inferior quality, taken from the outer sections of the tree. It contains virtually no natural oils, has a very uneven colour and is easily damaged where it’s so soft, meaning it’s often not even considered suitable for indoor furniture.

genuine teak wood

How to identify genuine teak wood?

You can identify genuine teak wood by paying attention to its look, feel and fragrance. As teak is completely different to a lot of other woods, it is easy to determine whether teak is genuine. Look out for the even, pale, golden colour, close, straight grains and a glossy sheen. It will feel oily to the touch and won’t splinter. It will have a very light, earthy smell, sometimes likened to that of leather.

Unfortunately, some manufacturers will try to pass off inferior teak or other woods as original, genuine teak, using various finishes and other methods to mislead prospective buyers. We only use genuine, sustainably-sourced teak for our garden furniture. You are always more than welcome to visit our showroom to see the teak in person and inspect it for yourself.

genuine teak wood


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