Fifty Shades of Teak! – All you need to know about the different colours of teak wood.

What colour is teak wood?

Grade A teak wood is originally warm and pale in colour, with honey-golden, buttery tones of wheat and amber. Grade B teak will have more colour variation, and is slightly darker than A grade teak. Grade C teak wood will have an uneven, patchy, dark colour and is sometimes white in places.

Does teak change colour?

Teak is a natural product which can vary in colour from light to dark brown. When left outdoors any colour variations will gradually even out. Teak that has been left untreated and exposed to the elements will weather, changing from an amber colour to a beautiful silvery-grey patina. Should you wish to maintain teak's honey-brown colour for longer, we would recommend applying our Teak Protector.

weathered versus treated teak

How do I preserve teak’s original colour? 

Preserve and restore the original honey-golden brown colour of your new teak furniture by applying our Teak Protector. Our Teak Cleaner will help to brighten weathered wood, bringing it back to its original colour.

Why does teak turn grey?

As teak weathers, it will turn from its honey-gold colour to a silvery-grey patina. This is completely natural and normal, and happens as a result of exposure to rain and UV rays from the sun. This weathering process is totally cosmetic and will not affect the integrity of your teak garden furniture. You can stop teak from turning grey by using our Teak Protector, and you can restore weathered teak by using our Teak Cleaner.

Why does my teak furniture sometimes look patchy and dark in areas? 

As teak is a natural material, occasional dark patches can occur over time and depending on its environment. This is as a result of the natural, biological process in the starches, moisture and natural oils present in the wood. These dark patches should gradually disappear as the teak ages.

Why does teak turn black? 

Black spots on teak are commonly mistaken for dirt getting stuck in the wood. However, these black spots are actually mould and mildew growing in the wood, and more often than not, teak oil is the cause of this where it traps the mould beneath it.

Our Teak Cleaner will remove any mould and mildew that may have accumulated. However, if teak oil is used again the problem is likely to reoccur. We strongly recommend against the use of teak and other wood oils, which will encourage mould and mildew growth, and therefore black patches and black spots on your teak garden furniture.

why does teak turn black?


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