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Sun 24th Sep 2017

Teak Cleaner - 1 Litre



Our water-based formula is not only a high concentration cleaner, but it also contains brightener-ingredients, which bring back the original colour of new teak/hardwood. Most competitive brands require a 2-step-process: A separate cleaner and brightener meaning twice the work for you. Unlike most other teak cleaners, ours is classified as non-hazardous.

Use to clean and restore discoloured, dirty, dark grey and/or green teak.

TP002 Teak Cleaner - 1 Litre 14.99 Qty

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How do I clean teak?

To clean your teak, simply use Teak Cleaner, which is specifically designed to kill mould and mildew spores inside teak. Since cleaning teak takes some time and effort, we recommend using Teak Protector or Patinizer before weathering takes effect again. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: 1. Before using the Teak Cleaner, eye protection and rubber gloves should be worn. Cover the ground under your working area before cleaning. 2. First moisten the furniture with water. 3. Shake Teak Cleaner before use. 4. Apply Teak Cleaner with a soft cloth or sponge. Allow to soak for 3 minutes. 5. Brush the furniture clean with a scrubbing pad in the direction of the grain. 6. Rinse furniture well with water. 7. For prolonged colour, leave the furniture to dry and treat with Teak Protector.

What if my teak is rough and weathered?

Although it may look rough and weathered, teak has enough natural teak oil inside to keep it protected from rot. Simply put, rough teak is a cosmetic problem, not a maintenance problem. If you prefer a completely smooth surface we advice hand sanding your teak with very fine sandpaper. Power sanding generates extra heat that can create black marks on your teak. After sanding, use a dry, rough cleaning sponge to remove any remaining sawdust.

How does Teak Cleaner react on oiled or sealed teakwood?

Teak Cleaner removes the oil and/or dirt from the wood, making the wood evenly pale-brown. The teak may be subsequently treated with Teak Protector or Patinizer depending on your colour preference. It is important that Teak Protector is never applied directly to oiled teak, because it will result in a very poor finish.

Does the Teak Cleaner affect pavement and/or grass and plants?

Golden Teak cleaner may affect grass, plants and some types of pavements. We recommend covering the work area with a disposable piece of plastic.

Some other brands sell two products for cleaning teakwood; a teak cleaner and a teak brightener. Does Teak Cleaner do the same job?

Because Teak Cleaner contains both cleaning and brightening ingredients, the two-step process can be reduced to one step, saving time and money.

What if I notice darker (or even black) spots on some parts of the furniture?

Black spots are typically caused by humidity in the wood that is developing into mould or mildew. This can be remedied by cleaning the dark spots with Teak Cleaner. Alternatively, the spots can be sanded by hand and then cleaned. To prevent this from happening again, use Teak Protector after the cleaning step.

What if (part of) the furniture is turning grey already after several months?

Product testing has shown that treating teak can lead to different results depending on environmental conditions and the age and density of teak. Teak Protector performed substantially better on 60 year-old teak than 25 year- old teak. Fortunately, the warm honey color of teak can be easily maintained by applying regular coats of Teak Protector. The condition of the teak and the environment in which the teak is used will dictate the frequency of the reapplication. It is important to apply the protector before the teak becomes gray since preventing the graying results in less work than restoring the teak with teak cleaner. Teak Protector should be used when the teak furniture starts to turn pale.

Please note: If furniture has been treated / painted, we will repair rather than replace any damage.

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