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Sat 19th Aug 2017
Teak Backless Circular Tree Bench
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Teak Backless Circular Tree Bench


Sit back and relax in the summer shade with this beautifully constructed teak backless circular tree bench. Offering a comfortable yet visually pleasing seating solution, this teak backless circular tree bench incorporates the graceful elegance of the tree into the landscape of your outdoor setting and is sure to leave a lasting impression.
Expertly manufactured in sustainably sourced Grade-A teak, this teak backless circular tree bench, otherwise known as a round tree seat has been built to last and can be left outdoors all year round with minimal maintenance ensuring fruitful use for years to come.
This teak backless circular tree bench will be delivered pre-assembled for your immediate enjoyment.

Teak backless circular tree bench manufactured in SVLK certified, durable, sustainable grade-A teak wood. Tectona grandis because products built to last preserve the earth’s natural resources.

Dimensions: 2.20 x 2.20 x 0.45 Internal 1.30

LT466 Teak Backless Circular Tree Bench 769.99 Qty
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Our tree seats are manufactured in A Grade sustainable teak, with tight fitting mortise and tenon joints and teak dowels. These extra strong tree benches are suitable for civic and garden use and are delivered fully assembled in a few parts. Their robust quality makes them particularly suitable for parks, gardens or memorial purposes. These wooden tree bench seats are available in round, semi circular / half round shapes and various internal and external sizes. Sometimes referred to as tree trunk benches or tree bench seats they are also available to order in bespoke sizes or hexagonal or octagonal shapes.

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