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Tue 19th Sep 2017
Memorial Benches and Plaques, Commemorative Bench

Memorial Benches and Plaques, Commemorative Bench

We manufacture the best quality teak memorial benches. Our commemorative bench is available hand inscribed or with an engraved memorial plaque for a durable tribute to the memory of someone special. Our wide choice of benches can be inscribed to commemorate a happy event, or to celebrate the life of a loved one now departed.

Memorial Benches

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Customers for our memorial benches include local authorities, museums, schools, colleges, churches, sports clubs, pubs and hotels.

The service we offer is designed to make the challenging task of having the right inscription on your memorial bench as trouble-free as possible. There are many decisions to make so please feel free to call our knowledgeable sales team, who will be happy to guide you, so that you can be confident that you have the best solution for your memorial bench. Rather than charging per character, our commemorative bench inscriptions start at a very reasonable £55 for one line of text as above. If you want a special layout for your commemorative bench or additional lines of text, please phone for a quote and we will be happy to advise whether there are any additional charges.

In everything we do, customer satisfaction is paramount. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your memorial bench and, if required, we are able to offer you our computer-aided design service, which helps to eliminate errors. There is no additional cost if extra proofs are required.

Carved memorial bench inscriptions take approximately 6-8 weeks from receipt of order. If you have a deadline please call the office as we may be able to fast-track your order.

Hand carved memorial bench or commemorative bench inscriptions

A carved inscribed commemorative / memorial bench conveys a sense of dignity and permanence. The inscription will not deteriorate over time and provides an anti-theft deterrent, as it cannot be removed.

Our memorial benches with inscriptions are hand carved and the most popular typeface is Arial Bold. We can also carve a memorial bench in a Times or Script typeface and add a simple motif or logo at a modest additional charge. The height of our characters, carved in upper case, is 28mm though this will vary depending on the number of characters to be carved and the length of the surface to be carved.

We suggest just one line of text to convey a simple message on a memorial bench. However, two lines can be carved where the top rail is deep enough, for example on our Balmoral Benches, or on our Ascot Benches, which have two rails.

Commemorative Engraved Brass or Stainless Steel Plaques

Plaques are an enduring way to convey a message on a commemorative bench. We offer traditional brass plaques, or brushed stainless steel plaques for a more contemporary look.

Our standard sized plaques are 150 x 50mm though we are able to increase the lengths of the plaques by 50mm increments to incorporate larger amounts of text or graphics.

The characters are infilled and stove enamelled in black, though white infilling is available if required.

Plaques can be manufactured within 1 week of order.

Ground Anchors

Regrettably we hear many stories of memorial benches being stolen and it is a fact of life that we should consider taking precautions against theft. We offer ground anchors designed for anchoring a seat to either a hard or soft surface. The kits include simple instructions, L brackets and vandal resistant screws. Ground anchors are a small price to pay for piece of mind.

Choose Your Bench

Hand carved inscriptions - Style option A

Style option A
Top rail

Hand carved inscriptions - Style option B

Style option B
Top rail - 2 lines

Hand carved inscriptions - Style option C

Style option C
Top rail & seat

Hand carved inscriptions - Style option D

Style option D
Carved motif / logo

Brass plaque - Style option A

Style option A
Brass plaque
150 x 50mm£35.00

Stainless steel plaque - Style option B

Style option B
Stainless steel plaque
150 x 50mm£55.00

Modern type style - Style option A

Style option A

Roman type style - Style option B

Style option B

Informal type style - Style option C

Style option C

Script type style - Style option D

Style option D

Hard Ground Anchor

Hard Ground Anchor

Soft Ground Anchor

Soft Ground Anchor

ISoft Ground Anchor Including Installation Tool

Soft Ground Anchor
Including Installation Tool

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