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Sun 24th Sep 2017
Pair of Extra Large Wooden Versailles Planters
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Pair of Extra Large Wooden Versailles Planters


Beautifully hand crafted to the highest spec, these graceful extra large wooden versailles planters otherwise known as wooden garden planters add a touch of personality to your outdoor space and look just as attractive as the plants growing inside them. Manufactured using planation grown, certified A-grade teak, these durable wooden garden planters will not only stand the test of time but still offer the same aesthetic appeal in years to come, ensuring years of trouble free pleasure.

As with all wooden garden planters, we recommend the usage of plastic liners with pierced holes to keep the soil moist alternatively you can choose to purchase geo textile lining for your wooden versailles planters to allow the soil to breathe.

These wooden versailles planters will be delivered fully assembled for your convenience.
CS053 Pair of Extra Large Wooden Versailles Planters 190.00 Qty
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